Get a new phone number

Step 4: Get a new phone number

Your last resort could be changing your number! It’s true that sharing your new number can be quite bothersome, but this will end all the annoying calls. This quite effective option might not only bring silent to your phone, it can also make you save money.


Especially if you receive unsolicited and scam calls on a regular basis, you should think about changing your number. Once your number is saved in a scammers database, there is only a low probability that you will get it deleted. As a change of number works immediately, it is often one of the only possibilities left in this case.

Try to benefit from the new number. check out on the offers of different providers and choose a tariff that is better than the one you had. A closer inspection will reveal hitherto hardly known options. But be careful: always read the small print of every tariff, as some might not be as lucrative as the seem in the beginning. Check out respective websites in order to find the best solution for you!

You have a new number? Perfect! Now be careful to follow the given advice:

  1. Only give your number to friends and family members
  2. Do not use your number for any lottery, marketing campaign or promotion
  3. Try to avoid using your number anywhere on the internet
  4. Enjoy the silence of your phone for a long time.