Legal advice

Step 2: legal advice

If you fell for any spam or scam calls, please consider consulting an expert. Try to find a lawyer in your area by typing “lawyer” plus your city name into google search.

We also deem it advisable for you to know the current jurisdiction in New Zealand. Knowing ones rights will help to act appropriate to frauds and scams.


The Legal Situation
There are specific rights for consumers guaranteed through New Zealand laws. First of all, the Consumer Guarantees Act provides consumers with legal remedy and protection, as it gives multiple guarantees to you when buying goods or services. The Door to Door Sales Act applies whenever you buy things outside of a normal business place. Also the Fair Trading Act outlaws deceptive methods or unfair practices. The Unsolicited electronic message Act 2007 refers to commercial electronic messages but does not consider voice telemarketing. The Privacy Act 1993 observes the collection, usage, discloser and storage of personal information and is thereby important for issues regarding telecommunication. When it comes to oversea scams, New Zealand laws are not effective any more. Please inform yourself about the international consumer protection in this case.

The orb and the MCA
Reports can be submitted through the orb, initiate by NetSafe (partner of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs), who are offering a report system, especially for online incidents. They are sending the information to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs where the reports might be published:
Report to the orb.

The CO
Regarding privacy issues, you can file a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner’s Office, which is concerned with the protection of personal information.
Make a complaint here.

If the origin of a scam is New Zealand, then you are able to report this to your local police station.

Please consider that all institutions need a lot of information the take action against frauds and scammers. Note down all the details on a call, e.g. the name, number and time of call. It makes it easier for the officials and organisations to find out what exactly is going on.