phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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We've all had to deal with the same thing. It rings day and night 24/7 and there is no end in sight. Once you answer the phone there is nothing but silence or the intruisve chatter of a telemarketer. Does this scenario sound familiar? How should you know who is at the other end of the line? Do you want pick up the phone or leave it be? Who calls me? Thousands of people ask the same question every day. aims to provide a vast database of spam and scam telephone numbers in order to help people identify and locate the caller. The bigger the Tellows database grows the higher is chance to find out who is behind the nuisance calls. Learn more on tellows-blog

Recently added comments

  1. Redman reported unknown with the number 0282555628 as Unknown

    Been receiving calls from this number almost weekly for months - finally called, only to get like a disconnected tone

    0282555628 (Mobile Service (CallPlus and Black+White) - View details and comments - 2
  2. Rebecca reported Southern Institute Technology with the number 032112699 as trustworthy number

    It's just SIT lol.

    032112699 (Invercargill (incl. Stewart Island)) - View details and comments - 1
  3. Ham reported unknown with the number 0057442036776129 as Cost trap

    Keeps calling about investing block number then they change a digit and repeat.

    0057442036776129 (Región Oeste Central) - View details and comments - 1
  4. bob reported unknown with the number 099769580 as Debt collection company

    Dicks keep calling for a debt that's not even mine. My name is Kayla and they keep calling for someone named Rewa. No matter how often I tell them it's not me they still keep calling. Though I went through the motions of actually agreeing, no check of dob or anything and found out this person's debt, details and address. Not professional at all

    099769580 (Auckland ) - View details and comments - 11
  5. Courtney Eaton reported 098010692 with the number 098010692 as Harassment calls


    098010692 (Auckland) - View details and comments - 2

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from? accumulates new spam and scam numbers on a daily basis. However, the user is the greatest contributor of new numbers! Therewith, you provide the knowledge necessary to avoid being ripped off. Furthermore, the categorisation and analysis of the callers nature and, above all, your rating of the number will climax in the tellows score which will convey whether the caller is trustworthy or dubious. The greatest advantage lies in sharing all avaiable information on a fraudulent number and, thereby, warning the people of looming dangers before they even lift the receiver.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. anon10372926 reported unknown with the number 099730024 as Telemarketer

    Definitely telemarketer

    099730024 (Auckland ) - View details and comments - 2
  2. Chris reported unknown with the number 0061283107633 as Unknown

    I have had two calls from this number in the last week. No one speaks so I hung up. I won't be answering to this number again

    0061283107633 (Sydney, South) - View details and comments - 2
  3. liesje reported unknown with the number 099254900 as Unknown

    Same as above, missed call from them, no message, then when I called back an automated message says "please hold" with hold music and left me on hold for too long so I hung up. Doesn't seem very legit.

    099254900 (Auckland ) - View details and comments - 3
  4. Graeme reported unknown with the number 070932572 as Unknown

    Hung up.
    Must have been busy scamming someone who answered quicker than me.

    070932572 () - View details and comments - 2
  5. tjc reported npm with the number 098010596 as Unknown

    rang about tax refunds knew my details and etc was told they would get back to me later when i rang my tax they still had my details no one had tried to contact them and no one from mytax had tried to contact me since the year before im picking its a scam to get personal information

    098010596 (Auckland) - View details and comments - 2